Summary of fatal characteristics of people who are broken in long distance love

Summary of fatal characteristics of people who are broken in long distance love

Lessons for those who have lost their heart in long distance romance and how to proceed to the next romance

It is often said that long distance love and long distance love are difficult. Certainly, if you are far away, your mind may get away.

From there, the bond becomes stronger, the dependency becomes stronger, and conversely, the contact is neglected.

・However, the sure thing is that even if it is a long distance love, a short distance love, or a medium distance love, it is a very long distance love, even if it is an international love love is a broken thing is

Some people may be too depressed to recover. You may be feeling regrettable.

Sometimes you may want to die or disappear.

But you can’t move forward as it is, you can’t recover just by crying and crying forever. Let’s think together today.

It ’s a broken heart,

You surely lost one love. However, it is that you have experienced one love.

・Failure is connected next. Some people say that in order to succeed, they must fail somewhere

Let’s cry, shed tears. And if you only cry, open the room window. Somewhere in the world you can see, your next encounter is waiting.

What to do to switch feelings

The best way to heal the broken heart is to find new love. However, if you go so easily, you won’t have a hard time.

Sometimes you can’t forget your previous love and sometimes wonder if you can rejoin.

If you try to forget it here, or try not to drag it, you will be denied and you will be depressed.

・If you remember the other way around, remember. Remember and think about what was wrong

Where was the sad and lost love, why and why? At this time, the idea that “I am all bad” and “I am all bad boyfriend” must be solved.

If so, “what” was wrong, and if so, “how”? Give yourself a constructive opinion and start thinking more deeply.

Now to make use of past experiences

Now to make use of past experiences

“It was good to do this” or “I should have done it” is the past. But now I’m thinking about it and trying to come up with the answer to make the most of it.

If you break your heart, you tend to run for self-denial, but find yourself as positive as you can and give it up.

・And it is important to shift your thoughts to “Let’s do this next” and “Let’s be careful not to do this”

By doing so, you should realize that your love has never been negative.

Be careful when you start your second love

Now, what I want you to pay attention to is “Let ’s do this”, but “I have to do this” is a decision in my mind.

This will make a big mistake in the next romance.

For example, I started to make long distance romance. I wanted to see you, but going to see me the first time led to a catastrophe. So you have to make sure you do n’t meet.

・Please do not look at things with this kind of stereotype. Because the person who is next to you now is different from the previous person

You might be told, “Then, the first broken heart doesn’t help anything,” but it’s not. It’s just that deciding in yourself leads to mistakes.

The first time this action was not good, what do you think the next person? That’s how you think and care about your partner. Please do not lose the freshness of the first love.

I lost my heart because of long distance love

Even in love lost by long-distance love, you are sure to have experience of love.

That’s why don’t overestimate that experience.

・Learn from the past, use it for the future, and enjoy the present

I think that is the true lifestyle of women.

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