12 constellation column “magic words / phrases to drop him down”

I wish I could drop him in just one word …

12 constellation column

I thought of a phrase that stabbed him, but depending on the type of opponent, it might be an NG word that would be a landmine. So, this time, we will teach you the magic words that will allow you to pinch your heart according to his characteristics by 12 constellations!

For Aries Boys (born 3 / 21-4 / 19)

“I only forgive you”
Aries boys aren’t good at carnivorous girls who can come. I love chasing love and I want a sense of accomplishment that is greater or lesser until I get it. To him, it’s OK to make a trap of the mind that makes you think “N?” For example, if you’re a woman, you don’t want to be a less familiar man, but you’re not. How about using it for such a thing?

For Taurus boys (born 4 / 20-5 / 20)

“I remembered you”
A Taurus boy with an emphasis on the mood. Even if you don’t go to the enthusiastic hot lines, you just give a favor for one earpick that you don’t smell a faint love that you hear in movies and novels. Pure culture in your brain. For example, a poem such as “If you look at that cloud”. The straight guys like “If you take a bath and whip a towel” is also good. It ’s good to have a natural system like “If you brush your teeth”. Please apply your favorite words.

For Gemini boys (born 5 / 21-6 / 20)

“I am good at ○○!”
Gemini boys like women who are profound as they know. If you tell me about special skills and hobbies that you can’t imagine from your usual atmosphere, you may come to eat. For example, if you seem to be a type that even smartphones can’t be used satisfactorily, “I really love mechas and I’m good at tampering with machines!” Also, if you don’t feel like cooking, try appealing your gap moe skills such as “I’m really good at French cooking!”

For Scorpio Boys (born 6 / 21-7 / 22)

“Great! Teach me next time!”
The child Scorpio boy who is praised and grows up is delighted to be respected. Games, sports, typing etc. Even if you have a license 1st grade, let’s look at his respect for what he feels is good. Basically it is a good type of care, so if you rely on it, you will be taught to your relatives. If you give up flick input and touch typing, can you tell me how to take your hand? ?

Leo boys (born 7 / 23-8 / 22)

“Isn’t this delicious?”
The large Leo boy loves to eat.
After the above dialogue, it is recommended that you not go into this store alone, so why not go together!
Let’s show the food of a nearby restaurant on a smartphone, etc., and create an opportunity to invite to the meal with a hybrid type with visual. If you don’t see any more reaction from your opponent, try cutting further. Without being aware that it is a date, it is a good idea to say, “Wouldn’t you like to go to this store alone because you couldn’t enter the store alone?”

For Virgo Boys (born 8 / 23-9 / 22)

“I have to learn from you!”
The common sense Virgo boy hates being bent.
In particular, even when the glue is important in a large number of times, you can make inflexible remarks at times and break the atmosphere. In such a case, please follow up immediately. You know me. It is an ally. …… If you think so, it’s already over here. If you’re just neat, you’ll be hurt by this kind of light dish, so the point is that you should be neat!

For Libra Boys (born 9 / 23-10 / 22)

“You know everything!”
A little maniacal libra boy. The correct answer is to praise him for his knowledge. Shinshin especially interested in his specialty! If you listen to your eyes with a shimmering expression, you will be proud of your nature and will show you what you haven’t heard. There is a great potential to develop into a personal relationship from there. However, if it is a genre that is completely uninteresting, he who is smart will immediately find out what he has done. Let’s dig deeper into conversations by picking at least a field where you don’t get allergic.

For Scorpio Boys (born 10 / 23-11 / 21)

“Only you!”
Scorpio boys who always want to look towards themselves. For him, straightforward words are OK, but please limit this content to something that anyone can do regardless of gender. For example, show your mobile phone. Imposing writing utensils or books. If a gentle color love element is added here, when the partner’s love is still infinitely transparent pink, it can be counterproductive by feeling pressure.

For Sagittarius boys (born 11 / 22-12 / 21)

“Would you like to eat this together if you like?”
Sagittarius, easy for sexy women to understand.
However, it might be landmines to get caught up in the lesser-minded phrases … In such cases, you can start with sharing food. If you go from sharing shared food at first to sharing drinks such as tapioca juice, your opponent will naturally be aware of indirect kisses. The development from there is surprisingly fast. It will try to shorten your sense of distance from you.

For Capricorn boys (born 12/22-1/19)

“What is your favorite food? tell me!”
Capricorn boy who likes homely women. The “kid appeal” that is just right is a bit whiter. First of all, let’s start by listening to your favorite dishes. It ’s better to make choices in advance so that the other party can respond easily. After that, it is easy to attach a promise by adding “Now, do you come to eat this time?” Otherwise, a menu that is difficult to obtain and reproducible, such as “Omelette of Japanese style omelet that is too whimsical-with croquettes of leftovers from last night” may be returned. At that time, hungry and ring his door chime to teach the taste of the bag.

For Aquarius boys (born 1/20 to 2/18)

“Isn’t my perfume tight today?”
Aquarius boys who fall in love with olfactory and visual stimuli. Call the shampoo and perfume scent at once! Anything.
However, you should sniff out your arms and keep them around your wrist. At this time, it is a trick to stick out with a casual expression like “N!” If his response is not so good, let’s listen to his favorite scent. The application works well, for example, “I made it the scent you said I liked this time, but isn’t it tight?”

For Pisces boys (born 2/19-3/30)

“Reassuring thanks to you”
The caring boy Pisces will naturally care about their partner when they are asked. For example, if you meet up to the station, on the way to a company, school, etc., you can use it as “I am relieved because I have you today” OK. “Do you have trouble with molesters and stalkers?” I start to recognize that.
If you don’t like to be a pretty woman, you can even praise his knowledge and seriousness, such as “Today’s meeting, I feel reassured because you are here!”
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